Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower Observation Deck opened as Dallas' newest must-see attraction

Launch fueled the revitalization of Reunion Tower in Dallas, TX which had been closed for years. Launch provided interactive technology, design for touch screen experiences, a responsive website, operations and business modeling, and information technology infrastructure. In October 2013 the tower re-opened for a world class experience atop the observation deck. The future of tourism - 500 feet above Dallas

"As a business analyst for the Reunion Tower project, I had the opportunity to be involved in this effort from the very beginning. From creating touch screen kiosk requirements to managing relationships with some really talented tourism and entertainment professionals, it has truly been rewarding to see this all come together."

Leigh Richmond

"I have loved seeing our company flex its muscles and take on a project that was challenging. People came together and leaders emerged to deliver a great new experience that we get to put the Launch stamp on."

Liz Norris

"The Reunion Tower project in Dallas has been my favorite project to date. It has challenged me beyond what I thought I was capable of. I have met so many interesting people and have enjoyed learning about myself through the process. It’s been awesome working on a monumental project with such a fantastic team.”

Chelsea Hansen

"One of my favorite projects has been the launch of the Reunion Tower in Dallas, where I have been responsible for comprehensive technology implementation.  From ticketing implementation and retail systems to development of interactive software exhibits to the build out of high availability server infrastructure, no project has had as much variety in my career."

Jeff Ng

"This project's scope, large team and ever changing criteria taught me to be flexible, work at a fast pace, and to be highly creative in new environments. Keeping the branding consistent across all the different aspects of this project- the touch screen kiosks, the responsive website, third party applications was a huge challenge. Ultimately we came up with a great solutions which was highly functional, looked great, and the brand transcended beautifully across all channels. "

Sudeshna Dixit

BI & Analytics


Customer Experience