Fueling online auctions in the cloud.

BidSpotter, a national live auction site for industrial equipment, could no longer handle the volume of web traffic it was experiencing. Launch Consulting migrated their data from its existing storage system to the cloud. As a result, BidSpotter avoids labor and operational costs and offers its services to more people.

"It is always a fun and interesting experience when you get to upgrade a website. In this case, the website had an auction system setup and needed migration to the cloud, as well. I enjoyed working with security and php specialists on this project."

Alex Miller

"When we walked into the Bidspotter offices for the first time, we discovered a company that was successful but experiencing growing pains due to its outdated IT infrastructure. As the PM for a comprehensive system audit, I led a team that dove deep into everything from network and hardware to software and processes. We didn’t simply find problems to fix. We built a solutions roadmap that set up our client for long-term success. We recommended high yield improvements that reduced operational costs, improved system performance and reliability, increased security and ensured legal and standards compliance. This project illustrated that many companies view technology as an enabler, not their primary focus. Often it is not until technology limits their growth opportunities do organizations recognize the value of technology. Launch was able to help Bidspotter leverage the full value of technology."

Jeff Ng

"BidSpotter was a great project experience, because we helped a company to get back on their feet. By stabilizing their site and migrating them to the cloud, we brought calmness back to a maxed out business and peace of mind back to its people. Now, they are able to look to the future for growth and to expand their business."

Liz Norris

Development & Integration