Gamification + UX Design = A Better Search Experience

CLUB BING - When Microsoft launched Club Bing, they turned to Launch to help develop new games and content. Launch’s experience and ingenuity in Project Management and UX design made for a great fit.

PRIME –Built from the ground up by Launch, the Prime reporting tool was built to measure and report public impressions of Microsoft marketing campaigns worldwide.

"Designing, building, and running Club Bing for Microsoft was really special. We began the project by meeting offsite daily so that we could learn, think, and toss around wacky ideas. What we were trying to accomplish seemed audacious. Our initial goal was to design and develop an engagement platform to drive customer engagement and loyalty with Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. It would make their marketing program repeatable and Bing would have a greater impact. After months and months of discovery and design, we thought we had found a way to get 100 million customer transactions per year up from 10 million. So, we settled on the design and built it. Ultimately, the customers loved it so much that they generated over 4 billion transactions per year. Looking back on it now, the size and scale of what we accomplished has to be one of the check marks for “create something really big”. We clobbered all our clients goals on volume, satisfaction level, frequency and depth of engagement, customer referrals, cost metrics, data management, design, etc."

Wud Pocinwong

Prime takes in data from countries all over the globe.

BI & Analytics

Development & Integration

Did you know? Launch picks out the Bing homepage photo every day.


Algorithms are used to measure the success of Microsoft’s marketing system.