Re-imagining Online Learning

As the tech partner to implement LearnBIG's customer experience, Launch designed an design team created an interactive experience that translates to any device. We also developed robust search and filtering capabilities to aggregate education resources and refine results based on user criteria and filters. Users now can locate education resources on a variety of media, whether it’s a game on their iPad, an app on their phone or an instructional video.


"LearnBIG was an awesome project to be a part of, because we helped bring our client's start-up idea to life. We are very proud of the responsive design for both mobile and desktop. We had an extremely tight timeline and produced an outstanding website that we were honored to deliver."

Chelsea Hansen

"LearnBIG had a goal of changing the way learners of all ages could easily access thousands of online educational resources in one central location. It is amazing to see how LearnBIG joined together technology and community to improve educational access for everyone, regardless of income, age or geographic location. It was a unique and exciting project for Launch, because we really got to collaborate in the early stages with the client to develop the site from the ground up. "

Liz Norris

“During development for LearnBIG.com you could feel the excitement in the office as the roll-out date for the site grew closer. Our project team worked so diligently and even stayed late some days to ensure that we produced something truly remarkable. We held an after-hours, all-hands on deck bug bash, where everyone could be a part of the process, eat some snacks, drink beer and have fun. It was one of those projects that definitely positively affected the work atmosphere and employee morale. ”

Erica Loya

Development & Integration