Crowdverb, LLC

Powered self-published data visualizations and predictive political sentiment

A crowd mobilization site, Crowdverb, needed an imaginative way to display citizens’ attitudes towards political candidates and upcoming bills. Launch developed a solution that is clean and user friendly with reporting tools that can be used in multiple ways.

"Crowdverb was a really fun and interesting client. This experience introduced us to unique approaches to handling big data. For Crowdverb, we created the ability for customers to send a marketing message and match predictive polling to real-time polling in order to shorten the normal 3-4 week waiting period for poll results to less than 24 hours. Imagine crowdsourcing at this level."

Wud Pocinwong

What was innovative was being able to take an open source solution and wrap with a security framework that allowed us to monitor usage and prevent unauthorized usage.

Jeff Ng

"We created an interesting tool for CrowdVerb that captures data from different sources and spews it out in a coherent way. It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our information design and UX design capabilities. We created interesting infographics, and came up with a great solution to create a functional, flexible tool. "

Sudeshna Dixit

Development & Integration