Clarity Health

Pioneering the path for electronic medical records.

Launch Consulting provided key design and development for Clarity Health’s service solution. The solution enables providers to send referrals to one another electronically, to approve insurance for patients, and allows surgeons to order and schedule surgical procedures and process ER notifications.

"The main client I have worked with has been Clarity Health Systems; it has been a great project to be a part of. On the technology side, I got a full-stack experience, getting to work on the app from the front end to the database and everything in between. On the client side, we were an agile team that was very responsive to changing client needs, and we consistently delivered work that added a lot of value to their business. I am pretty proud of the fact that the code I wrote is currently being used every day by hospitals and medical practices all over Washington state, and that it allowed Clarity to branch out to customers they could not reach before."

Andrew Walsh

"Clarity Health has been a great partnership for us. We are approaching three years of doing business with them, and it has been truly amazing to watch their business and offerings scale with our supporting product development efforts."

Liz Norris

Development & Integration

Customer Experience