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Business Athletes, Tech Savvy, and the Further, Faster Lifestyle.

Meet Business Athlete: Gina Goldenberg

Gina Goldenberg knows what it means to be a team player. Before coming to Launch, she co-owned a construction company, and she spent 10 years building, delivering and supporting scientific software at Pharmaceutical company. Here at Launch, she works hard to ensure every client feels like...
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Meet Business Athlete Sam Schmidt (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports)

If you’ve never seen Sam Schmidt before, it’s probably because he was moving too fast. Sam is a business athlete in the most literal sense: After purchasing his father’s auto parts business at the ripe old age of 25, Sam began pursuing his dream of...
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Techonology is designed to make life easier, to streamline business functions and to drive enterprise success. Launch delivers that promise. Here’s how: We Create the IT Future What will your business need in the future? We help you chart your course with Strategy and infrastructure planning. We Monetize IT...
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We Hire Business Athletes

“What kind of person are you looking for?” Our recruiters often hear this question as we interview consultants for our team. Regardless of the position, our answer is the same: WE HIRE BUSINESS ATHLETES. We look for the same attributes we admire in top athletes, and apply...
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Launch Fuels Indy Car Team – Further, Faster!

We’re super excited  to announce a newly formed partnership with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports (SPM) and Arrow Electronics   Sam Schmidt has been a friend for quite some time and his race team’s purpose, goals, and brand are a perfect match for us. The team at SPM share many...
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Veterans Day message from the CEO

<Rick’s Veterans Day e-mail to employees> Good Morning, Today on Veterans Day I want to thank the veterans in our company for your service to our great nation. I want to recognize the service family members for your strength and sacrifices. And I want to...
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President’s Day

I believe each of us can lead in our area – by seeing the possibilities, sharing the vision, and defining the path.   Leaking our CEO’s Presidents Day e-mail because it’s awesome: Team: I sent an e-mail Monday to the leadership of the company, and...
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