P.A.V.E. is the bridge to a career in technology after military service.

We go beyond TAP to provide veterans with additional tools, training, tech interview skills and access to military-friendly employers.



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What is P.A.V.E.?


P.A.V.E. picks up where the military’s Transition Assistance Program leaves off.  A bridge to technology careers, P.A.V.E. provides additional tools for transitioning veterans and employers.


- Nationwide database of open roles with our partners nationwide 
- Pathfinder service that matches the skills and experience of veterans with employers' open roles
- Vets2Tech tips for transitioning to technical careers 
- Partnerships with tech training and internship programs for pre-transition and recently transitioned service members -- such as the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy and Cloud Genius Certification


Veterans who apply to P.A.V.E. will be considered for opportunities to interview with partner employers. There is no cost to the veteran for this service.


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The Business Value of Veterans

(source: CEB Corporate Leadership Council)

1.  Human Capital was the #1 global challenge for CEOs in 2013.

2.  Organizations struggle to find high quality talent

3.  Veterans index higher on performance (+4%) and retention (+3%) than non-veterans.

For a company of 1000 employees with an average revenue of $150k/employee:

- Increasing performance by 4% improves revenue by $6M annually
- Decreasing turnover by 3% saves $1.3M annually

4.  Post-9-11 veterans are an undertapped talent source

- Nearly 150K veterans will leave the service in 2014
- More than 1M will exit in the next five years
- Post 9-11 veteran unemployment is 3.5% higher than US average

5.  Top challenges to hiring vets include:

- Attracting enough high-quality veterans
- Translating military experience
- Transitioning vets into work force


That’s Where P.A.V.E. Comes In

P.A.V.E. Programs for Accelerated Veteran Employment are operated by Launch Consulting, a leading technology company that is Veteran-owned and operated.  Launch is a proud member of the White House Joining Forces initiative to increase employment opportunities for veterans and their families.

What is P.A.V.E.?

P.A.V.E. provides customizable sourcing and job readiness services for employers seeking to hire veterans.  We partner with top tier employers who commit to interview qualified candidates who meet their specifications. Program options include direct hire sourcing, contingent staffing, apprenticeships and career skills training. Due to our strong D.O.D. relationships, we can reach pre-transition service members on military bases nationwide, as well as the community of 22 million veterans across the U.S.

Veterans and transitioning service members are matched with partner employers to interview for high-skill technology careers. This holistic program sets up for vets success much better than traditional career fairs and job boards.

How is P.A.V.E. Unique?

  1. Our strong D.O.D. and community relationships enable access to transitioning military on bases nationwide as well as the 22M veterans in the US.
  2. We partner with top tier employers, public secctor, and private sponsors to identify high trajectory roles open to veterans.
  3. We speak military; we help translate military skills and experiences to client qualifications
  4. We can provide employer readiness services to to help ensure a smooth transition.
  5. We understand tech; our technology focus is a differentiator in the veteran employment field.

P.A.V.E. Services

- Sourcing of direct hire candidates
- Unique Pathfinder tool that matches employer qualifications with the best candidates
- Vets2Tech transition tips and resources
- Technology tools for job matching, case management, tracking and reporting
- PR/Marketing of success stories


CONTACT US to help P.A.V.E. the way for veteran employment: PAVE@launchcg.com




We invite all military vetrans to apply for our open technology roles.

Here's the process to be considered for these roles. 




1. Upload your resume.

Need help getting started on your resume? Try one of these online resources: 



2. If there is a match, one of our IT Talent specialists will contact you to get more details about your skills and experiences.





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Success Stories

Stories from some of our veterans

"One of my fondest memories of the military is how it provided me with opportunities to better myself. The Software & Systems Academy is evidence of that. This program offered me and my family a true plan on which direction our lives would go after leaving the military."
Bernard Bergan
"The best complete military transition program out there, bar-none. If you want a job in the tech field, this may be the turn-key system for getting a great career when your service ends."
Zane Coppedge
"The program enabled me to use the skills that I gained from the military to start a new career in technology. Teamwork, problem solving and trouble shooting were all utilized in the program and these traits allowed me the opportunity to become a software engineer in test."
Tara Overfield
"I was successfully able to transition from a rewarding career in the military to an amazing and challenging position with Microsoft. The individuals supporting this program truly care and through their efforts are paving the way toward a bright future for all veterans."
Mark Switzer
"In a world where the reality for transitioning veterans having served after 2001 is close to 10% become unemployed and homeless, this program has given me an incredible opportunity to pursue my dream of working in the technology industry."
Rachael Woolley
"The program challenges a service member to exceed his/her own limitations by delivering a structured curriculum that capitalizes on the strengths that were already instilled by the United States military."
Chad Hasbrook
"Being a part of this transition program helped me to set my goals and never give up, no matter what obstacles you have to face. It prepares veterans to become successful IT professionals in an ever changing career field."
Eric Mendis