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We Make Ideas Fly....Further, Faster

We Fuel Unlimited Growth


Enable people and businesses to go further and grow faster.


We create meaningful lifetime experiences, making us the most sought-after consulting company by clients, communities, and talent.


Meaningful, measurable experiences that fuel unlimited growth.

Launch Values

Do you know your Why? The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do? We Do.

1. People First.

2. Our work has purpose.

3. Opportunity is for everyone.

4. We enjoy work. We enjoy life.

5. "YES" Positivity is our game.

6. We hire business athletes.

7. Creativity knows no bounds.

8. Transparency inspires trust.

9. Growth never stops.

10. Giving back makes us better.

Red Launch Consulting paper airplane logo

Our Culture

Vision. Values. People. Practices. Purpose.
The Launch Culture Makes Ideas Fly.

Hinch and SPM

Fueled by passion, petroleum, and possibly Patrón, Sam Schmidt and his teams are making strides both in paralysis research and in IndyCar racing. With an emphasis on creating and refining technology, both in business and in sports, Sam truly knows what it takes to take people further, faster.

A healthy team is a team able to push limits, accomplish difficult goals, and reach the finish line with energy to spare.

Team of four creates and builds a Roseville flag

Creativity and Purpose bring people together. As a global company, we are rooted in Service to our communities.

Hi Octane Chili

There is no traffic jam on the extra mile.  Team members like to put the finishing touches on every product made.  In this case, high octane chili!

Employees dress-up in costumes for a photo booth at Launch Consulting Holiday Party

Have fun.  It happens every day.  But some more than others.


We Are Veteran Powered

Founded by an Army and Air Force Veteran, Launch's mission driven mentality quickly became a differentiator. We believe employing veterans is smart business and gives companies an advantage in leadership, real-time problem-solving, accountability, drive for results, and can-do, never-quit attitude.  Learn more about our Programs for Accelerated Veteran Employment (P.A.V.E.).

Army Ranger Veteran John Sercu, Green Beret Nate Boyer, and Air Force Security Specialist Veteran Rick Nelson at the Annual Rallypoint 6 Fundraiser

Continued Service

Army Ranger Veteran John Sercu, Green Beret Nate Boyer, and Air Force Security Specialist Veteran Rick Nelson at the Annual RallyPoint 6 Fundraiser. RallyPoint 6 specializes in connecting service members, veterans and their families to resources to develop a clear plan for their path forward.

Launch employees standing in front of the American flag displayed in the Launch office


You'll proudly find an American Flag displayed in every Launch Office. Dedicated to Veterans and active service-members, Launch is thankful for the opportunities and safety provided by those that serve our nation.

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