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How Are Businesses Optimizing with the Cloud?

Dynamics on Azure gives businesses the power to use the cloud to solve problems. See how businesses are using the cloud:

Drive Cost Efficiencies
Better Enable Mobile Workforce
Improve Alignment with Customers/Partners
Better Leverage Data to Provide Insight
Develop New Products/Innovations

Optimize Your Environment




7 Common Challenges For Dynamics

Many  Dynamics CRM and ERP implementations are complex, raising common challenges as administrators consider moving workloads to the cloud:
  1. Authentication
  2. More complex processes
  3. Costly hardware refreshes
  4. Expensive DR costs
  5. Lengthy change testing
  6. Risk of migration
  7. Customers have increasing expectations

If you relate to any of these, the Dynamics on Azure Program gives you the opportunity to address these in a low risk way.

Launch has expert navigators to assess your infrastructure, help you create a roadmap to migrations, make recommendations to manage risks and guide you step by step along the way. Microsoft's Azure Pass helps offset Cloud Costs as well, so this is a great time to see what Azure can do for your business.


Azure Solutions

Dynamics on Azure brings world-class business solutions, allowing companies to optimize their workflows. Some samples scenarios include:

  • Dynamics Authentication – enabling single sign-on to cloud services using Azure Active Directory.
  • Dynamics Customer Engagement – delivering new customer experiences with Azure Mobile Apps.
  • Dynamics Integration – creating business workflows of data, apps and services using Azure Logic Apps & Azure Functions.
  • Dynamics Backup – backing up your Dynamics server to Azure Backup.
  • Dynamics Disaster Recovery – moving your disaster recovery site to Azure Site Recovery.
  • Dynamics Dev/Test – creating on-demand product test beds with Azure DevTest Labs.
  • Dynamics Server Migration – migrating your Dynamics server to Azure Virtual Machines.

Is Your Path to the Cloud Blocked?


CRM and ERP systems have become so customized that they are more like application platforms, making it more challenging to move to the cloud.

  1. Back up
  2. Assess which services and workloads to migrate first
  3. Mirror dev / test / production environments in the cloud
  4. Optimize

The Azure on Dynamics Program is here to help unblock your path to the cloud. Get your FREE Proof of Concept today.


See Azure In Action

Check out the case studies below for more information on how Microsoft Azure is helping companies running Dynamics optimize their operations.

Dynamics Engagement icon

CRM Anytime, Anywhere

Engage with customers in new ways with Azure mobile apps.

Azure pass icon

Cost Savings

Reduce infrastructure costs by moving workloads to the cloud. Plus, receive an Azure Pass (voucher) to offset some of the initial cloud costs.

Dynamics Backup icon

Security & Data Protection

Increase your peace of mind with safe, secure, and on-demand backup.

Dynamic Integration icon

Efficient Workflow

Optimize business processes with integrated workflows of data, apps, and services.

Optimize & Avoid Headaches with Azure Backup

Data security and privacy have never been more important to providing customer service.

Running Dynamics CRM or ERP on Azure gives you back-up systems and safeguards for peace of mind, while enabling more efficient operations with the choice and flexibility of the cloud.

Microsoft is sponsoring a FREE Proof of Concept (POC) to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure in your Dynamics deployment. Request yours today!