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Cybersecurity Fundamentals

You can’t neutralize external threats, but you can reduce your chances of falling victim to them...

Most data leaks are due to internal negligence or simple human error, meaning your company’s security is only as strong as its weakest link. In order to protect your customers, your business, and your reputation, it’s essential to adopt good data-protection practices company-wide.

Check out the video below for a sample of how we can help you improve your cybersecurity.

Make Your Employees the First Line of Defense

Get the help your IT team wants and the training your staff needs. Train your employees with Cybersecurity Fundamentals so everyone can reduce the chances of your company falling victim to cybercrime.

The Good News

This doesn't mean requiring employees to spend hours taking expensive training that turns them into IT wizards.

This does mean turning employees into your first line of defense against cybercrime, quickly, without overwhelming them with technical jargon.

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Cybersecurity Fundamentals Makes Learning Stick

We know that after a very short time, learners WILL tune out, no matter how important their training. Cybersecurity Fundamentals is a non-technical course comprising 10-15 minute interactive modules designed to keep learners engaged with easily retained action items, takeaways, and resources.

These adaptive and fun to take ‘micro-learnings’ allow every employee to keep your data safe (without needing an advanced degree in computer technology!)



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Powerful Passwords

Develop password strength skills, learn the four keys to creating strong passwords, and practice testing your own password against hackers.


Email Phishing

Learn to prevent fraud by identifing potential phishing attempts in simulated email messages.

tailgaiting 2@2x

Office Tailgating

Understand awareness of impact and cost of office tailgating, and appropriate measure to take.

social engineering@2x

Social Engineering

Understand the five most common social engineering attacks right from the horse’s mouth.


Mobile Security

Learn mobile device security best practices, potential device weaknesses, and how to identify mobile device vulnerabilities.

sensitive information@2x

Sensitive Information

Learn how to properly identify and categorize documents by the level of confidentiality.

Bussiness Communications@2x

Business Communications

Learn business communication best practices, the importance of securing internal and client information, and appropriate use of email, IM/chat, and social media.

content protection@2x

Content Protection

Learn to identify critical and valuable content while illustrating the importance if maintaining content security standards

outside the offic@2x

Outside the Office

Learn how to work remotely safely and securely.

Date Security@2x

Data Security

Understanding Data Security policies for company security health and client data safety.

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Our modules feature:

  • Overlapping content that reinforces key concepts.
  • Easily practiced ‘soft skill’ behaviors.
  • Awareness building interactivity designed to highlight vulnerabilities to threats, demonstrate safe practices, and promote a mindset of continuous vigilance.
  • Application of training in simulated environments.
  • User directed navigation to review and repeat content, and improve its comprehension.
  • Accessibility features.
  • Links to important resources.
Cyber instructors

In under 2 hours, this course could save your company millions of dollars.

Aligns With Numerous Cybersecurity Standards

All Modules are Customizable for your Company's Branding and Practices

Customization Options

LearnBIG can help you fully integrate our training into your learning and development workflow:
  • Basic branding– Company logo and color palette in the Navigation Bar
  • Full business branding– Company specific fonts, colors, graphics throughout
  • Company content– modified text, voice-overs, and links to specific company policies and compliance documents
  • Additional language captioning

Course Specifications

  • Course Format: SCORM Compatible Interactive Video
  • Course Length (10 modules): 100 Minutes
  • Hosting: Courses are either hosted in our enterprise grade cloud environment or integrated into customer's own LMS

Cybersecurity Fundamentals Case Study


Make Cybersecurity Awareness Engaging


A major entertainment company (an attractive target for hackers) wanted to amplify their cybersecurity awareness efforts by deploying innovative, visually compelling, and effective training that reflected its brand.

Business Impact

We delivered a series of interactive modules targeted to the prevalent cybersecurity threats. Leveraging best practices in cybersecurity, we mixed interactive video and storytelling with humor and brain science to create an immersive learning experience -- essential for an entertainment company (and more fun for every other kind of company, too!)

In the time it’s taken you to read this webpage, US businesses have lost another $1.2 million to cybercrime.