Does your data get you faster results?

Operational data at 225 mph? We make it fly.


(and Drivers with opinions)



1500 Channels

225 MPH

during rush hour

Variable weather

Infinite tuning configurations

on dozens of components

How do we help Schmidt Peterson Motorsports get results faster?


Does your data help you accelerate results?

Schmidt Peterson Motorsports aims to be the most technologically advanced racing team in Indycar (so we're understandably pumped to be their Technical Partner).

This goal isn't just lip service - it fuels a strategy for winning that goes beyond the car and crew, to the data that guide crucial decisions.

Each race presents a new challenge with a new track, car configuration, and unknown conditions including never-before tested tires.

It’s essential to gather and process as much data as possible from the race car’s 300+ sensors during practice laps to quickly make adjustments before qualifying laps.

To understand key performance drivers, we built dashboards to provide insight on data and construct a model. We now use machine learning on the sensor data to accurately predict performance based on the unique telemetry produced on every lap, at every turn.

Engineers use the results to more quickly make adjustments to the car and race strategy, fueling faster qualifying laps. Front of the pack? That's where data can take you.

Can your data take you further, faster?

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