T-shirt reading "45 miles per burrito"

53 Miles Per Burrito…

It all started with a T-shirt with the slogan: “53 miles per burrito.”

Allen Distinguished Educator Mike Wierusz, Inglemoor High School (Kenmore, WA) was intrigued about the math behind the burrito equation, so he gave it to his students to solve.  Mike has “made it [his] mission to expose students to meaningful math experiences,” and has found food an appetizing hook.

In the challenge, students answer the question, “Can I ride 53 miles on a bike from the energy of a single burrito?” They must define their variables, collect and analyze their data, and present their results. By the end of this project, students should have all the information they need to design a burrito that would provide them with the exact caloric content necessary to ride 53 miles.

Launch’s newly acquired LearnBIG video team helped Mike create an interactive DIY Guide to help other teachers create engaging and meaningful teaching experiences with a step by step project plan, materials, teaching guide, and supplemental materials.

Check out the interactive DIY guide here. 

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