Man Using laptop in developing nation

Launch Donates Laptops to Timmy Global Health

Man Using laptop in developing nation

In the News: Launch Consulting continues to donate old laptops to Indianapolis-based global health and medical service organization, Timmy Global Health.   

As a technology company who specializes in digital transformation and modernization, Launch continually updates to the newest devices, leaving machines that no longer meet the company’s needs.

When Launch reached out about donating more laptops, Timmy was more than happy to accept any laptops or other donations to replace old equipment in the field. A rep from Timmy added “many thanks for thinking of us and continuing this program with Timmy, we are very appreciative of this great news.”

Timmy Global Health provides access to healthcare internationally and, in turn, inspires volunteers to prioritize global health. In the last five years, TimmyCare has transitioned from paper medical records to automated records, leaving the organization with a heightened need, but limited technology. Launch, who has exactly what Timmy needs, has been a donation partner since 2013.

As soon as Launch’s donation reaches Timmy, the laptops are sent to 9 medical clinic locations in 3 countries, significantly improving TimmyCare’s efficiency and record keeping reliability. This enables Timmy to help more people, and to improve their lives.

Being a donor partner helps us drive meaningful, measureable impact and exemplifies Launch Value #10: Giving back makes us better!