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Recruiting Perspectives: We Relate

Hands framing an open road“Hey! Great Profile!”

My name is so and so with (insert Company name) that specializes in ________, _________, and everything under the sun. We are currently seeking (insert unrelated, irrelevant job title here) for our growing team in (your local area). If you want to make an impact (and other generic, empty words) with a company focused on (chosen buzzword), let me know and I’ll gladly schedule a call. Below is a link to our generic JD that you will probably disqualify yourself from, but for reasons I’ll never know because you most likely won’t respond.

Said Recruiter

There has been a lot of talk about bad Recruiter experiences and canned, mass emails that clutter our inbox. Now this might seem like a hypocritical thing for a Recruiter to write, but please know there is a point to why I would. It’s because I, too, get messages similar to the above (plus or minus a few words) from other Recruiters. Recruiters who reach out about positions I either have no business being considered for (wrong seniority level), roles that are not even close to what I do (developer positions because I mention hiring devs in my profile), and generic, mass messages that don’t move me to respond. My point is, even Recruiters can be hit with messages that a lot of job seekers discuss being frustrated with. I feel the pain, and every time I see a message like this is makes me reflect on my approach.

Therefore, I want to present the idea that not all Recruiters are the same and the ones who go out of their way to differentiate themselves deserve a response, right? The ones who take their time to understand your skills and see beyond the profile. Those that are empathetic to the idea that communication and feedback are crucial to career growth and success. The ones who check in even when they don’t have an aligning job open at the moment. The ones who take the time to help with interview prep as much as possible because they remember the feeling of ever having to go into an interview blind (or if not, at lease desire to prevent that). The ones who make a job seeker feel that they are more than a paycheck.

For me, those aspects of trust, understanding, and caring are what have built my personal brand to what it is today and I know I’m not alone. I know some outstanding Recruiters who hold the highest integrity with everything they do in their work. The people who treat people fairly and who truly are just as invested in finding the right candidate as you are finding the right job. I challenge you, the job seeker, to follow your gut in the process but to also stop and evaluate the messages you receive.

There’s no denying that the Recruiting industry is a large one, just like any job, there are people who take it seriously and those who don’t. However, it’s important to remember that the next best opportunity could be one Recruiter email away. Recruiters often work directly with key decision makers and that alone can provide a huge advantage to job seekers. It provides the job seeker a champion through the whole process (from introduction of the opportunity all the way to the first day) with an often speedier foot in the door. It’s in essence, a chance to enhance the experience for all. Yes, there are other ways to land a dream/job such as networking, for example, but the power of Recruiting is good to keep in mind.

Happy Hunting!

By: Jesi Carroll, Technical Recruiter – Launch Talent Group

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