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Data Shines After Eclipse

Gif of Instagram volume during eclipse
Instagram volume for #eclipse

Instagram volume for #eclipse is shown in this nice data visualization posted on Reddit by user moonrayswrong in Data is Beautiful

The size of the hexagon = total volume, Redder hexagons indicate that the volume is disproportionate to typical Instagram volume from that location. Visuals were created using data from social media analysis tool Crimson Hexagon and a custom D3 visualization.

The path of the totality is clear, as well as major population centers. West coast locations peaked 10-15 minutes before the height of the eclipse while other locations peaked afterward.


Dashboards and Visualization

Humans are scientifically designed to love stories. Ditch the spreadsheets and land your message with high impact dashboards and visualizations. We quickly transform your company's data into rich visuals so you can focus on what matters to you. We use a broad suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights that enable you to monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on any device.

Advanced Analytics

IDC estimates companies that are leaders in using data assets to their advantage will capture $1.6 trillion more in business value than those that lag behind. While data is pervasive, actionable intelligence from data is elusive. Our client want to transform data to intelligent action and reinvent their business processes.

Business Insights and Intelligence

Across borders and devices, Launch delivers insights and foresight with rich analytics and powerful visualization tools for your business.

Data Platform Modernization

Right data, right format, right time. In the age of connected data, Launch helps organizations harness the power of data to transform their business, regardless of their deployment environment on-premises or cloud or hybrid.  Launch Data Platform solutions deliver insights and foresights with rich analytics and powerful visualization tools that can be accessed anywhere on any device.

BI & Analytics Case Studies

Real-Time Retail Analytics


Global retail data from 23 disparate sources needed to be ingested, transformed, unified and interpreted for 24x7 business critical operations support.

Business Impact

A hybrid solution with globally distributed Azure VMs for data warehousing, data security. MDX and tabular cubes supporting real time analytics.

Front view of Microsoft store in Bellevue Square mall
Two women discussing the potential purchase of a piece of software
Employees and customers interacting in Microsoft store
Woman managing inventory

CFO/CIO Data Platform


Multiple disparate data sources across Finance and Data Center cost model sources needed to be consolidated and modernized into Cloud Infrastructure & Operations.

Business Impact

A modern data platform that integrated data into SQL Svr 2016 & Azure and transformed it for real time business intelligence on Data Center operations and cost model predictive forecasting.

Upclose view of a laptop
Man typing on laptop at their desk, holding a pencil and paper in the other hand
Map of the United States

Global Commerce Portfolio


Extensive transformation of Financial and Sales portfolio for C-Suite with 24 data sources,requiring QA automation from report to multiple Cubes.

Business Impact

On track to deliver $1M+ cost savings.through modernization (140+ automated flashes, real time dashboards and automated reports) and ongoing support provided by senior data & finance analysts.

Woman working on her iPad while waiting in the airport
Close up view of iPad portraying various pie chart graphics
Close up view of two computer monitors
Close up view of a woman making calculations on her calculator while sitting at her desk

Dashboards in a Day

Want a single location to review KPI's, sales data, and revenue? Yes, it's possible! From Bring Your Own Data workshops to multi-source back end integrations, we build a quick loading, interactive dashboards to help you pinpoint business drivers.


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