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Fast Forward

What will your business need in the future? We help you chart the course with business strategy consulting.

Project & Program Management

Are your projects and programs prioritized to hit goals? Are you executing to realize those goals? Successful delivery of your projects is the lifeblood of your company. Managing multi-channel programs and complex projects is our superpower. According to Gartner, tailored communications to high value partner segments helps drive revenue, loyalty and growth. Our PMs use agile methodology and industry best practices to ensure your programs meet/beat success criteria and fuel your growth.

Sales & Marketing Operations

When it's time to execute the plan, who makes it fly? Our sales & marketing experts provide full life-cycle operations from planning through launch with measurement, optimization, and reporting to showcase your success. We take care of the details so you can focus on your core business.

Comprehensive Assessments

Where are your competitive threats? How is your customer base evolving? Is your technology keeping pace with your workforce? Our assessments are an objective look at where your business is going, what it needs to succeed, and how to get there faster.

Strategic Analysis & Roadmapping

How will you make your business growth take flight? We help chart your course to the future by analyzing the market opportunity and establishing a clear set of goals, appropriate for your company's industry, customers, and competitive advantages. Are your projects prioritized to hit your goals? Are you executing to realize those goals?

M&A Integration

PwC’s 2017 M&A integration survey report reveals that as companies do more transformational deals, complexity rises and integration becomes the difference between success and failure. Launch helps you capture full deal value and streamline the transition through due diligence, operational awareness, deal structure, and integration leadership principles.

Business Desks

Who can you depend on to keep business running smoothly?  Our Business Desks are an efficient way to operate and maintain your programs allowing you to focus on the big picture. Scale at a rapid pace as your program and business grows, while retaining the common thread of operations and program knowledge. Whether customer or internally facing, business desks tackle your day to day customer and operational challenges.


Business Consulting Case Studies

Accelerate Active Accounts with Offer Ops


Our client needed help ensuring every managed account was actively on-boarded and consuming key software services. Launch was asked to provided services for driving field sales execution and follow-up with end-to-end pursuit management, field communications and win reporting.

Business Impact

Delivering at global scale, the Launch Offer Desk was a comprehensive service across all aspects of the program, augmenting the field facing team with BI, Analytics, Content and SharePoint SMEs. Launch supported $23M revenue in <1 year with high satisfaction marks from field sellers.

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Developer Engagement Business Desk


Our client's developer engagement strategy was comprised of multiple programs each needing support to plan, monitor and execute program operations. With developer reach at a global scale, efficiencies in prioritization and processes needed to be in place to maintain an optimized budget and prioritized throughput serving the various regions, stakeholders and competing deadlines.

Business Impact

A cross-trained, shared capacity business desk identified commonalities in processes across programs and functions, and defined an optimized model to deliver core functions with regional management and differentiation. With spikes in independent programs and various event stages, the desk was able to shift with changing business peaks while maintaining throughput and consistency.

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Mobilize Sales Readiness


Our client’s consulting business needed to land new sales and marketing assets with global field teams. Launch was engaged to help the client build a Security Sales Readiness Content package that included presentations, playbooks, videos and whitepapers. Launch mobilized in-house Readiness, Security, Content, Design and Production team members to deliver an end-to-end solution, allowing the client team to focus first on their customers.

Business Impact

Launch was the perfect match. By providing specialized skills in core aspects of the mission, Launch helped the client re-focus time with customers and driving sales, while achieving the goal of landing new sales readiness content that underpinned their evolving offering portfolio.

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