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We help you create meaningful, measurable engagement across the customer journey.

UX Research & Accessibility

To help you optimize digital experiences for broad inclusion and engagement, the Launch UX research team digs deep to pinpoint the drivers of desired customer interactions. We identify usability or accessibility gaps quickly and develop a remediation road map to achieve not only compliance, but joy of use!

Personas & Journey Mapping

"A journey of 1000% ROI begins with just one Hinshaw Step." That's how the new saying should go. Michael Hinshaw is the Godfather of CX; we partner with him for rich Persona development and Journey Mapping, and add full-cycle design, development and support so you can walk the talk.

UI Design

Great user interaction design is much more than perfect pixels on a page. It's anticipating needs all along the user journey and ensuring the interface elements are accessible and easy to use. From haptics to natural language to mixed reality, we help you envision your ideas in motion.

IoT/Connected Experiences

90% of the world’s data was created within the last two years, fueled by connected devices and the Internet of Things. Yet brands encounter barriers to monetizing the data. Launch IoT Accelerators help brands:

  1. Design creative connected experiences
  2. Connect products and services with web applications
  3. Integrate multiple data streams
  4. Understand and monetize business triggers

Customer Lifetime Value

Understanding customer loyalty is our game and the end goal is anticipating what your most valuable customers will need next. Here's what we think about loyalty.

Training That Sticks

LearnBIG video-based, interactive learning solutions create immersive environments that engage  learners in realistic scenarios. Request bespoke courses or tailor from our existing library, such as cyber security fundamentals.

Video Production

Video is worth a million words.

Event Management

One-stop shop for

  1. Event Strategy and Execution
  2. Field Readiness
  3. Partner Readiness
  4. Staffing and Infrastructure

Customer Experience Case Studies

Make Cybersecurity Engaging


A major entertainment company wanted interactive courses for Leadership Development with modules on Managing for Excellence & Conflict Resolution, as well as Cybersecurity Fundamentals for their Everyday Safe internal campaign. The courses needed to fit with the corporate brand, culture and vision.

Business Impact

We created an engaging, cloud based learning solution for organizational development. The Launch LearnBIG platform mixes interactive video and storytelling with humor and brain science to create immersive learning experiences -- essential for an entertainment company (and more fun for every other kind of company, too!)


Fuel Global Girls' Education


In honor of the International Day of the Girl, The Girl Project and Glamour Magazine hosted a real-time digital conversation on girls’ education with First Lady Mrs. Obama, celebrity ambassadors, and girls in five countries around the world. Goals were to have one million viewers tune in for the livestream on Glamour and White House Facebook channels, and a global audience of 100 watch parties in 100 countries. This event kicked off the #PinkforProgress campaign, a month of action that encourages people to donate at least $1, group fundraise, and/or volunteer to support girls’ education.

Business Impact

In preparation for this event The Girl Project engaged Launch Consulting to redesign their home page and add additional features supporting the event such as a hero video, group fundraising campaign, and adding additional partners to the site. In addition Launch completed a series of stress testing events to ensure the responsive site could stand up against the traffic it faced, while also implementing reporting on their donors. We met a speedy timeline with high international visibility.

Get Schooled
50 million girls written next to a photo of a girl
highlighting four people and their education opportunities

Find Better Applicants, Faster


Microsoft Recruiting needed a more efficient & effective way to evaluate thousands of applications each week than phone screens.

Business Impact

Launch built the Online Technical Screen which led to a leaner, faster hiring process and produced stronger candidates with better results than phone screens.

Microsoft logo
Microsoft logo
Graphic chart
Man looking at computer screen

Upgrade a Product Experience


StubHub needed to reimagine the ticket exchange experience to drive more usage occasions and reduce pain points for customers.

Business Impact

A better event experience starts with ticketing. We redesigned the StubHub customer experience with personalized recommendations for a broader set of events based on location and interest, and identified best value seating to drive confident purchases.

StubHub icon
Powerpoint presentation
Game cards

Strengthen the Gym Experience


Pro Sports Club needed to grow IT capability and redesign its customer experience in gym and online in order to keep pace with client needs. They needed to efficiently update content and features without losing their legacy audience, including new information architecture to reduce pages, and integration with multiple 3rd party scheduling for streamlined web navigation and class registration.

Business Impact

Launch built a clean, modern, state-of-the-art new site design with streamlined web navigation and class registration. We implemented the new design through a CMS the client was already familiar with, integrated with their member and club database, and built custom modules specific to their needs. The new site is responsive/mobile-enabled and allows users to see custom-tailored content based on their location.

Pro Sports Club icon
Woman holding a side plank at the gym
Treadmills in gym

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