Development & Integration

You dream it, we build it. We Make IT Fly.

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How do you get the most from your tech investment? By making sure your systems work together at their full potential. Launch custom software solutions ensure your IT systems match your business velocity.

Custom Development

It takes a lot of components to make great connected experiences. You want a partner who knows the ins and outs, and who's coded the I/O. From edge devices to web interfaces and mobile apps, we secure data and transactions for Internet of Things, e-Commerce, and pixel-perfect brand experiences.

Process & Workflow Automation

Let's break it down. When you want to transform your business, finding efficiencies is the name of the game. We identify the right places to automate, accelerate your velocity, and free your staff for higher order work.

Data & Third-Party Integration

Gartner research states old tools and methods don't stand up to today's challenges of integrating in-house and SaaS applications. We help you master four main challenges: data transformation, security, volume and orchestration so your systems work together on-prem or in the cloud.

Scalability Achitecture

Where is your business going? Can your current systems support the growth? Launch ensures your systems support growth with scalable, flexible solutions. Wherever you're going, we'll help you make IT big.

Development & Integration Case Studies

Global IT Sea Change


Carrix SSA Marine is a successful global logistics and port operator whose needs were outpacing its in-house technology. IT needed to align with the business to support growth, not limit it.

Business Impact

Launch helped turn the tide with a technology roadmap and IT priorites, and partnering with the IT department to make the business case for transformation to enable growth.

Large cargo ship on the water
Various trucks and trains carrying different cargo
Man smiling, wearing construction vest, standing in factory
Large cranes at a port

$60MM Revenue Savings


Fix a $60MM/per year lost revenue stream, while minimizing disruption to the customer and simultaneously engaging SleepTrain’s internal team to have actionable executions for present and future sales initiatives.

Business Impact

Launch helped Sleep Train / Mattress Firm create a better operational business model and built automated systems for data management and and e-commerce integration to track customer purchases online and in retail, employee time, order fulfillment and more.

Outside view of Sleep Train store
Large boxes and shipments in a back storage room
Man smiling at camera sitting at desk in front of computer
Inside photo of a mattres store

Modernized Child Welfare Solution


The State of Colorado had a legacy system built on antiquated communications methods and tracking prevented efficient intake of applicants. Backlogs and lack of tracking were the result of legacy information capturing systems. All of those issues led to a lack of performance, and in the end, children not being served to the best of their ability.

Business Impact

Our solution is modernizing child welfare systems for more efficient processing and tracking for thousands of familes

Smiling young boy sitting on ground in classroom
Group of 5 school girls in uniform carrying their backpacks
Mother holding her two children in lap having a conversation with a business woman
Couple sitting with their child on a park bench playing on an iPad

Combat Cancer with Workflow


A National Pharamceutical company needed ongoing Tier 3 application support application maintenance for an FDA and HIPAA compliant workflow with end-to-end scheduling/delivery system for an immunotherapy medication.

Business Impact

Launch pioneered a workflow that delivered 20-30% productivity increase across all functions

  • 30% reduction in per unit production costs
  • 40% reduction in cycle times
  • Improved customer satisfaction scores
  • Improved process adherence with fewer quality issues
Woman working on something in the lab
Hand drawing a flow chart
Two men looking at an iPad screen and discussing

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