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Fuel Your Business

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Tech is in our DNA.

Launch specializes in technical solutions, so we're able find an expert on our roster. We get tech, and we get the right tech talent for the job.

What to look for in a Talent Services provider

  • Technology-centric
  • Partners with clients to understand their core business
  • Aligns talent pipeline for future growth
  • Legendary serivce: quick response and proactive delivery
  • Expertise in diversity and compliance
  • Track record of innovation

Launch has staffing models to fit your needs

  • Full-time / Permanent placements
  • Short, medium and long-term contracts
  • Contract to hire
  • Project teams
  • Temporary staff augmentation
  • Managed / outsourced teams

Great people know great people

Our Referral Bonus pays up to $1000 depending on skill level

Please send referrals to referrals@launchcg.com with your name as the referral source

We specialize in these skills

  • Analyst
  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Networking / Infrastructure
  • PM
  • QA/Test
  • Software Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Executives
  • UX/UI

Meet the Team

Our business is to fuel your business.

Why Work with Launch?

  Life is short. We like to partner with people of integrity and similar priorities to our company. Launch fits that description, and it also fits perfectly with our technology-based business model. We know that we can refer Launch to our other partners and they will be treated fairly.

Sam Schmidt, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports

Working with Launch Consulting is a phenomenal experience; they are the keystone of my organization’s success and the primary reason we consistently exceed our stringent goals and outperform our competition. From their professional representatives to the high-caliber talent they provide, Launch Consulting continues to have a supremely positive and lasting impact on the quality of products that delight our Customers.

Daniel Waltman, Microsoft

HBO is in the magic business and we want to bring that magic to our internal team’s learning and development. LearnBIG allows us to do that and much, much more. LearnBIG can help other HBO departments achieve their learning vision too.

Emily Gross, HBO


Fuel Your Business

Please let us know your needs and our Talent Group will be in touch.