Samsung Smartsuit on Speed Skater

Top Tech at this Year’s Winter Olympics

People around the globe eagerly await the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang, South Korea, where athletes from nearly 90 countries have been relentlessly training for years to show the world what they are made of. Business Athletes at Launch, however, are excited for a different reason: The Tech.

Olympic athletes aren't the only people who have been grinding long hours in preparation for competition. Techies from companies all over the world have something to prove in this year's games, where records will be broken by both athletes and athletic gear alike. Read below for the Top 5 technologies that have us cheering.

1. Samsung SmartSuit: 

Samsung SmartSuit - Olympics Technology

Two Dutch speed skaters this year will be equipped with a new Samsung Smartsuit, a suit lined with sensors that relay data on the skaters' body positions to their coaches' smartphones. The coaches can then relay instructions back to the skater via a watch with preset vibration codes. However, this tech will only be used in training; it violates competitive technological doping rules!

Virtual Reality-- Olympics Technology

2. Virtual Reality:

Tech won't just change the way athletes train and compete this year, but also will introduce a revolutionary new way to experience the Olympics. With the help of Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Samsung Gear VR,  Google Cardboard and Google Daydream and a compatible mobile device, viewers will be able to immerse themselves in a 360 degree virtual reality feed of  30 events thanks to Intel.

In addition, driverless buses developed by Korea Telecom (KT) that will shuttle spectators between venues will offer transparent screens in place of windows that will broadcast feeds from all over the games.



3. Security Drones: SpideySense, SeeingEye and Sniffers

With location in mind and global tensions rising, South Korea has immensely ramped up security, employing some new security tech. The first, is a fleet of security drones with special features. Drones in this fleet are capable shooting nets to take down unauthorized drones, others have facial recognition abilities to monitor crowds, and some even have the ability to "sniff" for signs of dangerous chemicals.


4. Bullet Train:Hyundai Bullet Train - Olympics Technology

In November of 2017, South Korea announced the completion of Hyundai's new bullet train from Seoul to Pyeongchang. The new train is capable of transporting passengers at 300kph, cutting the travel time to under 2 hours,  half the traditional train time.


5. 5G Network:

This year, Intel is bringing the future of wireless networks to the Olympic Games. Their 5G network will cover various venues throughout South Korea and will allow for fast computing times even with the high traffic of the event. In addition, Intel will be introducing The Intel Go Automotive Trial platform which will allow users to stream 4K UHD video with zero-latency. Will the rest of us will be able to watch the high def streams on the other side of the world with no lag...fingers crossed!


What's your favorite tech from the games? Leave us a comment!