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Veterans Day: Launch/TA Group announce USO Pathfinder support

On November 10,  the official observance of Veterans Day, we took time to honor all those who have served their country.

Launch is part of TA Group Holdings (TAG), which was founded by an Army Veteran, an Airman, and an Argentine immigrant. From the beginning, the purpose was to create a place where people could realize their personal dreams and goals faster, embrace responsibility earlier in their careers and improve the lives of others, than anywhere else.

The lessons the founders learned throughout their lives were that small teams move faster, make decisions quicker, learn faster, execute better, and care more about each other. This is the approach we apply at Launch every day as we help people and businesses go further and grow faster.

Launch also provides opportunity for transitioning veterans, including:
• Pioneering Microsoft Software & Systems Academy / DOD transition program
• Nike Military Ready Playbook to attract, onboard and retain veterans
• Schultz Family Foundation $30M veteran programs strategy
• Starbucks Serve With Us veteran hiring and engagement program
• Fellowships, training, mentoring, and job shadowing in our offices
• Technology enablement and fundraising for USO Pathfinder (formerly RP/6)

We are proud to announce our continuing support for USO Pathfinder in our commitment to help transitioning servicemembers into high tech, high trajectory careeUSO military transition to techrs. Our employees will assist with job skills translation and resume feedback so veterans can put their best foot forward into their next phase.

Special thanks to all our veteran crew members who have answered our country’s call and then brought those skills to make Launch exceptional.

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