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Choosing Launch Consulting as your Cloud Navigator:

VSphere5.5 is ending support in 2018 - it is time to consider your options. Take advantage of this opportunity and consider the idea of cloud migration to vSphere 6.5. Launch will help you through this journey. We quickly assess your infrastructure, recommend how to right-size your VMs, profile your workloads for cloud migration readiness, estimate effort to migrate, and compare current costs to GCP based options to optimize your ongoing costs all through the following:

    Identify infrastructure optimization opportunities and workloads to migrate to the cloud.
    VSphere versions are going off support in 2018. Upgrades require new hardware, further justifying a cloud migration.
    Profile your applications/workloads for cloud readiness and modernization benefits to support operational excellence.
    Manage your journey to the cloud from a people, process, and technology perspective, ensuring your data is secure and accessible.
    Choosing a public cloud can be a complex process. Launch accelerates your journey, ensuring a smart and cost-effective solution.

Support for VMware vSphere 5.5 comes to an end in September 2018, and with it come significant implications for your virtual infrastructure.

As with any other major “end of support” technology event, there are key considerations for organizations still running vSphere 5.5 and earlier. These include:
• Infrastructure upgrades to facilitate the transition to vSphere 6.5, while ensuring compatibility
• Upgrading to vSphere 6.5 to continue receiving VMware support
• Identification of workloads that may be better served by migrating to a public cloud

If you’re not sure whether you should upgrade, we encourage you to sign up for a FREE vSphere 6.5 client Readiness / Infrastructure Optimization Assessment, funded by Google Cloud Platform. The IOA will help you address your hardware, hypervisor and license concerns, review vSphere configurations, recover wasted resources and provide deeper insight into the performance of your data center.

All major technology investments require a plan, and the move to vSphere 6.5 is no different. As a technology decision maker, you needit’s important to understand exactly what your virtual infrastructure workloads require, the hardware needed and how much it will cost.

The first step in this process is a personalized vSphere readiness assessment.

Key Benefits of an Assessment
These charts will tell you exactly where you are, and how to get to where you need to be before September including:

  • The diagnostic time-frame
  • The fastest way to evaluate vSphere 6.5 upgrade and/or options
  • Data-driven discussions with measurable alternatives and costs
  • Clear options for license upgrades, compatible hardware, cloud migrations and optimizations, tailored for your environment

How the Assessment Works 

This assessment will provide a clear sense of the migration risks and mitigation steps involved in the transition to vSphere 6.5. Launch will help you download and activate the lightweight, non-intrusive Cloud Physics virtual appliance (vApp) in a secure process that takes less than 15 minutes.

Through the app CloudPhysics will securely collect diagnostics and configuration metadata on your entire virtual infrastructure. As such, Launch, will be able to analyze the data from the app, together with your stated organizational goals, to develop and present an upgrade roadmap in the form of easy- to-understand dashboards and analytics.

Time Matters

In as a little as three weeks, this comprehensive assessment will provide a blueprint of your vSphere infrastructure including compute, memory and storage. Following the assessment, you will also receive critical information to help develop your upgrade plan. These details include:

Profile workloads including out of date hypervisors

Hardware compatibility issues and refresh requirements

VMware license allocations and consumption

Workloads best suited for optimization

Cost comparison of current infrastructure vs optimized state

Migration roadmap and estimate

The days of ordering off-the-shelf hardware or generic virtual resources is are quickly coming to an end. The CloudPhysics tool enables the benchmarking of key parameters against the CloudPhysics Community/Global Data Set (with its more than 13,000 organizations and 200 trillion data samples), VMware best practices, and Global Knowledge Base. Organizations can now personalize their cloud solutions, with an awareness of what’s already working.

In three weeks you can have everything you need to help you develop the best plan for your infrastructure refresh or cloud migration strategy. Are you ready to Launch?

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